Monday, May 21, 2012

better late than never?

...but judging by the date of last post, i'm sure most of you were assuming never!  

i have no excuses for the lack of blogging, so i won't even attempt.  i'm embarrassed and i've made it a goal to get my act together!  for as many blogs as i check into on a daily basis, you'd think i'd not slack on my own.  i hope you all will forgive me, and continue to check back in.  and hold me accountable!

fresh start in 3..2..1....

ok - hi guys!  i'm baffled that we're staring here staring june in the face (my most favorite month by the way - and yes, i'll forever get giddy about my birthday.  more importantly hubs and i's 3 year anniversary. awww...).

it's already been an crazy amazing year so far, and wedding season is in FULL swing.  so blessed and lots to share, but i can't forget how fantastic 2011 was.  so for the next several days i'll be doing a recap of the wonderful couples i worked with and stationery we created for their special days.    

check back in to see erin & tom's invites tomorrow!

goodnight, friends.

(seriously, hold me accountable...)

jenifer + jordan | wedding shower

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

baby burton - lauren's baby shower | social events

so i must say - i admire all the bloggers out there. especially ones that blog full time!  i will get better one of these days. onto the main focus of this post... 

jamie is one of my most favorite clients.  this is the THIRD invitation we've worked on together (and a post on the fourth soon to come!)  repeat business is so flattering.  and even more amazing - we've never met, never spoken on the phone, and actually live halfway across the country from each other. what would life be like without email?!  her visions are creative, distinct, and she is a shower hostess with the mostess.  

for this baby shower, we did invitations and napkin wraps.  the color scheme was a navy and kelly green - with a mix of a sharp, geometric pattern with a flowing banner and curvy font.  below is the final product!

these were printed on a bright white linen card stock.  we then used a coordinating navy envelope for a fantastic color contrast when the guests opened up their invitation! 

jamie was kind enough to share a few photos from the shower.  impeccable.  that is all i have to say.  the details, the decor, the cake - all of it is absolutely fantastic.  thanks again, jamie!  it is always an absolute pleasure to work with you! 

i LOVE these paper mobiles.  how creative and simple, yet stunning!
i'm absolutely using this idea in the next event i host!

what a gorgeous spread.  i'm loving the color scheme!
thanks again, jamie!

Monday, February 28, 2011

a spot of tea - kate's baby shower | social events

first of all - i haven't blogged in over a month.  embarrassing. i apologize.  moving on...

while the down time after a busy wedding season of paper is much needed, i love how much time it allowed for me to do some special event invitations!  these were invitations for a baby shower that my dear cousin, emily was hosting.  a few of my aunts and cousins have the most impeccable taste, and trust're a lucky lady if you have a shower hosted by one of them.  emily and her friend who also hosted chose to do a tea party.  so when it came to the invitations - we put our heads together to figure out the perfect style.  she wanted it to be very colorful - so reds, aquas, and greens did the trick!  emily found a great little poem she wanted to include in the wording. the invitations were shaped like a tea bag, and to add a little fun, several different patterned backings were used.   the style of the print on the invitations was a play off of a vintage tea label, and the little 'tab' was used for the registry information.  i was very excited with how these turned out!  i included a few images emily let me use from the party.  she used additional paper we used in the invitations for place mats.  genius.  enjoy!

who doesn't love a great cup of tea!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lovely leafs | is that receipt paper?!

the first official 'lovely leaf' - woohoo!  i stumbled upon two different blogs in the last couple of days with related posts about this sort of thing and of course, found myself inspired.  so i wanted to share.  while my frugality gets the best of me and i very rarely make purchases here - i do gawk at the window and interior displays, drool over the clothing, and wander aimlessly through the home decor.  ladies and gentlemen - anthropologie.  more importantly - their wondrous ways of taking every day items (that some would even consider trash) and turning them into stunning displays.  who hasn't gone home after seeing the latest window update and sat and stared at the solo cups in your cabinet trying to figure out a way to make them a fabulous hanging art piece in your entry way.  i know, me too.  and more often than not - many of them use some kind of paper product - so i feel connected.  oh the creativity.  enjoy :)

paper chains are back!

see the billowing, white backdrop for this gorgeous ceremony.....
(at a local kc spot, by the way - arts incubator)
photo credit:
yeah - it's receipt roll paper.  RECEIPT PAPER!  genius.
photo credit:

photo credit:
have a bunch of books lying around but can't possibly
rid of them?  viola
photo credit:
and of course - the cups.
photo credit:
there you have it, friends. cups, straws, and paper are all you need.   

Thursday, January 13, 2011

lovely leafs | a new feature

i'll admit it - i'm a blog addict.  my bookmarks tab is full of them.  people are so interesting.  and even more interesting are the things that people do.  jobs, projects, life experiences.  all of it i find very inspirational!  i had been thinking about my blog recently (and how it's a lot harder to maintain than i ever thought!  props to you bloggers out there), and what i wanted to do with it.  and while running this by a friend during coffee the other day, i realized my that i'd like to make this blog a bit more personal from time to time.  
when reading other business blogs - it's a given that i adore seeing all of their work and projects - but i've found that i equally adore when they do a post that shows a bit of them.  it's a brave thing, putting yourself out there to this big, bad internet world - but i find it just as inspiring as their wonderful work.  so..with that said, i'm going to attempt to do the same.  every now and then, between paper posts, i'd like to throw in a little feature called 'lovely leafs'.  it will be anything - a neat project i stumbled upon, a great piece of furniture, an amazing invitation, a quick 'how to',or perhaps just a rambling thought for the day from yours truly.  so keep with me (and for the record, i'm no you can't judge ;) ) - i'd love to know your thoughts on this.  

and because i've come to think a post is naked without a picture...


stay warm, dear friends!

Monday, January 10, 2011

lora + casey | invitations & details - part 2

on this snowy monday morning in kansas city - i felt the need to warm it up a bit with this BEAUTIFUL fall wedding this past october.  you first met lora & casey here.  they just recently received their professional photos and i had to share! i love every single little detail about this wedding - so prepare yourselves for a lot of pictures!  so many creative &  personal details went into it - and i am still so thankful that i was able to work on the stationery for this wedding.  lora had a very distinct vision and we worked together to create all their pieces.  enjoy the pictures of this beautiful wedding and to lora & casey, thank you again! enjoy reliving your very special day :)

their invitation set.  i adored lora's idea for
how she would include their accommodation information.

a closer view of the leaf detail

the programs.  we used an orange stock for the backing, two pages of
kraft paper for the ceremony and wedding party information, and finished
it off with a vellum cover and twig to hold the program together.  i love
how it turned out! 
i just love this image with the program.  lora's ring is one of the most
unique rings that i have ever seen!  love it. 
the wedding party.  how cute are the flower girls!

the lovely couple.  the pom poms were such a great idea!
the couple in their gorgeous venue

i love this idea!  instead of a traditional guest book, lora made this
poster and had everyone 'leaf' their print. so creative!

i just really love this style of picture.  i feel like it shows such personality
even when its just legs & feet.  all the groomsmen sported these striped

casey + lora - thank you again! 
all photos courtesy of a.w. photography out of colorado springs

Friday, December 31, 2010

liz + spencer | invitations & details - and happy new year!

happy new year, all!  cheers all things 2010 - because, good or bad, they helped shape your life and make you a better person for this upcoming new year!  i'm one of those cheesy people that loves new years and hates the idea of not celebrating it.  it's a given opportunity to reflect on the past year, and put into effect those things you would like to do in the new.  i have a great feeling about 2011!  on the top of the list are the weddings of some of our best friends in the whole wide world, along with new career opportunities, house projects, hopefully a trip or two, and enjoying our amazing families and friends, and of course - lots of paper!  wishing you and yours a very happy new year! 

i couldn't think of a better wedding to feature for the last post of the year.  i just received pictures from liz & spencer's march 2010 wedding and i am so excited to share them.  i absolutely ADORED working with liz, and was actually really sad when we completed their stationery! this was another amazing hitched weddings + events wedding.  invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, bridal shower invitations, escort cards, table numbers, well wishes cards, and thank you cards were all done for this wedding.  liz, thank you so much!  i enjoyed everything about working on your wedding and i wish you and spencer a wonderful 2011!  

their wedding invitations.  we chose a luxe white textured paper for their invitations.
liz wanted them to be simple, modern, yet classic.  the main invitation, rsvp post card,
and a deep navy outer envelope did the trick! 

the rehearsal dinner invitations.  they used green accents in the wedding and decided
to make this the main color scheme for the rehearsal invites.  again - simple, modern, classic!
these were printed on a soft white card stock.
and her super fun shower invitations!  liz loves mad men and this was going to be theme
of her wonderful shower (the hostesses even used the silhouettes and put them on the cakes!)
these were really fun to work on - and i am now learning why this mad men inspired
shower was so fabulous (i'm into season 3 and absolutely addicted)!
and now - some of their professional images by photographer claire ryser. jessica & amy
of hitched displayed the escort cards on a bed of moss.  love the contrast! 

table numbers - simply displayed amongst bud vases with
some gorgeous florals.
instead of a traditional guest book - liz and spencer chose to do these
well wishes cards.  how fun!  this one cracked me up.  she had a
special book she would put them in after the wedding. 

i had to include a few images of the day.  their reception was so beautiful! it was held
at the berg event space - and the ladies of hitched worked their magic.  and yes, those
are glass bud vases hanging from the ceiling!
the STUNNING couple!  thanks you again!  a joy to work with, beautiful couple,
and beautiful wedding!

all professional photography courtesy of claire ryser