Monday, May 21, 2012

better late than never?

...but judging by the date of last post, i'm sure most of you were assuming never!  

i have no excuses for the lack of blogging, so i won't even attempt.  i'm embarrassed and i've made it a goal to get my act together!  for as many blogs as i check into on a daily basis, you'd think i'd not slack on my own.  i hope you all will forgive me, and continue to check back in.  and hold me accountable!

fresh start in 3..2..1....

ok - hi guys!  i'm baffled that we're staring here staring june in the face (my most favorite month by the way - and yes, i'll forever get giddy about my birthday.  more importantly hubs and i's 3 year anniversary. awww...).

it's already been an crazy amazing year so far, and wedding season is in FULL swing.  so blessed and lots to share, but i can't forget how fantastic 2011 was.  so for the next several days i'll be doing a recap of the wonderful couples i worked with and stationery we created for their special days.    

check back in to see erin & tom's invites tomorrow!

goodnight, friends.

(seriously, hold me accountable...)

jenifer + jordan | wedding shower