Monday, November 8, 2010

lora + casey | invitations & details - part 1

i was trying really hard to wait until their professional pictures were available to do this post - but i just can't be patient's such a neat wedding! so this will just be part 1.  
to give a little backstory - this was a very special job to work on.  i have known lora since she was born..literally.  our moms are the best of friends and we spent a large portion of our childhood together.  while life happened and took us in different paths - i was beyond flattered when she contacted me to work with her on the paper for her and her fiance casey's intimate fall wedding in golden, colorado. i believe she told me something along the lines of wanting to take everything traditional about a lot of weddings, and doing the complete opposite.  that right there made me so excited for what will come with these pieces!  this couple is so creative and i will just have to let the images speak for themselves! it was a gorgeous mix of purples, reds, oranges and fuchsias with black and white striped accents throughout. it just looked magical!  below are images of their invitation set, programs, and itinerary sheet that was in the guests welcome bags.  i also had to include a couple images from their actual wedding so that you are able to see a sneak peak of the full package (thanks, mom!). i will do a follow up post with their professional photos once they're available.  without further adieu...lora and casey's wedding!

the invitation set | soft white envelope and invitation paper, rsvp postcard printed on khaki card stock. a thin piece of twine and strip of lotka paper bound the set together with the leaf accent displaying the hotel block information. 

the invitation set | a view of the invitation set and all the pieces. the tree and banner were displayed throughout her paper.  each banner contained a different quote meaningful to lora & casey.
meet the newlyweds! great color in lora's bouquet - and the striped detail in both casey's bowtie and lora's bouquet ribbon! also - how gorgeous is lora's dress?!

a few of their table decor - so eclectic! i love it. 

program and itinerary | a 4 page layered program with a vellum cover, two khaki text pages and the orange backing also served as the place for the couple's new address.  the itinerary was printed on a soft white card stock and placed in the guests welcome bags at the hotel.

hope you enjoyed! keep an eye out for part 2 soon. and to lora & casey - i can't thank you enough!  this was so much fun to do.  many congrats to the both of you! 

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  1. Great Job Megan!!!!! We loved everything about our invites, programs, and itinerary's!!!!! You did a wonderful job:)