Thursday, January 13, 2011

lovely leafs | a new feature

i'll admit it - i'm a blog addict.  my bookmarks tab is full of them.  people are so interesting.  and even more interesting are the things that people do.  jobs, projects, life experiences.  all of it i find very inspirational!  i had been thinking about my blog recently (and how it's a lot harder to maintain than i ever thought!  props to you bloggers out there), and what i wanted to do with it.  and while running this by a friend during coffee the other day, i realized my that i'd like to make this blog a bit more personal from time to time.  
when reading other business blogs - it's a given that i adore seeing all of their work and projects - but i've found that i equally adore when they do a post that shows a bit of them.  it's a brave thing, putting yourself out there to this big, bad internet world - but i find it just as inspiring as their wonderful work.  so..with that said, i'm going to attempt to do the same.  every now and then, between paper posts, i'd like to throw in a little feature called 'lovely leafs'.  it will be anything - a neat project i stumbled upon, a great piece of furniture, an amazing invitation, a quick 'how to',or perhaps just a rambling thought for the day from yours truly.  so keep with me (and for the record, i'm no you can't judge ;) ) - i'd love to know your thoughts on this.  

and because i've come to think a post is naked without a picture...


stay warm, dear friends!

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