Tuesday, December 28, 2010

featured | i'm blushing!

december was a wonderful month - and now that the month and year are nearing an end, i felt the need to reflect on two big reasons why it was!  little yellow leaf was featured on not one, but two fantastic blogs!  i was absolutely flattered, and so thankful that these lovely ladies approached me. the blogs themselves are so worth checking and the ladies that run them are just wonderful.  and here we go...

the first blog is 'inspiration and rough drafts' by melissa.  we attended high school together and she resides in my most favorite city, chicago.  the blog is full of daily life reflection, recipes (i've tried a few!), party planning, projects on their condo, and much much more.  she has a great knack for writing and the blog is so easy to relate to.  check out the feature here and make sure to explore the rest of the blog.  thank you, melissa!!! 

the second blog is 'the blue house' by jill & elle.  jill and i went to grade school and high school together, and carry lots of fun memories of the good ol' days.  jill & elle find all things style, sass, and chic - and compile them all into one place.  stunning fashion trends, impeccable home design, and one of my favorites - a floral inspiration each friday (aka, flowers for friday). check out the blue house feature here.  and click around the rest of the blog.  you'll find yourself wanting to rush home and redo a room and your closet with all things fabulous. thanks a bunch, jill :)

and because it feels naked to have a blog post with no pictures - below is a lovely inspiration image for your new years party.  i can't believe 2011 is upon us - it's going to be a great year!   

courtesy of Southern Living


  1. Thanks for the blog love! Hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you and little yellow leaf :)