Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy holidays! | xmas 2010 cards

oh my - i first need to apologize for my lack of blogging.  the christmas season proved busier than i had anticipated..which is great! i want to wish each and every one of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!  i also must extend a big thank you for all of your support thus far!  i look forward to great things with little yellow leaf in 2011!  i wanted to leave you with some christmas cheer and this years 2010 christmas cards.  i hope you enjoy!

elyse and david. their first married christmas! i was fortunate enough
to work on their wedding paper last spring. i ADORE this picture. elyse's
bridesmaid snapped it - great work! i was so excited they chose the
'joy' card - it couldn't be more fitting for this picture.
enjoy your first christmas together! :)

the davis family.  their green attire is so fabulous!  we had to make the card bright
and festive.  they had their holiday pictures taken by ashley with
cute as a button photography.  check her out here! she's wonderful! heidi used
vistaprint for her cards.

this is the hullmans! heidi's (pictured above) parents and all their grand children.
they used vistaprint for this 5x7 card.  thanks, guys! 

andy, elisia and addasyn.  they're dear friends of ours and i loved making their card.
and i can't wait to do the paper for their fall 2011 wedding! elisia had these
printed as 4x6 pictures - they turned out great!  thanks guys :)

the gawlak girls!  i loved the colors they wore in the pic and
had to include them in the body of the card.  loving unique
holiday color combo's! they used vistaprint for their 4x8 cards.
happy holidays to all! :)

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